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architectural and design photography

Real estate photography for AirBnb and VRBO
Architectural photography at the San Francisco Federal Building
World Trade Center Oculus
The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Architectural photography for Mantel PDX in Portland
Real estate photography of a loft in Vancouver, BC loft
Architectural Photography of the World Trade Center Memorial at night
Architectural Photography of a patio at the Getty Museum
Architectural Photography at a bowling alley in Humboldt County, California
Architectural photography for In-N-Out Burger, Eureka, California
Architectural Interior of a design sturio

The structures we live in shape the way we touch the world, creating spaces to tell stories and revealing themselves through the use of lines, texture and empty space. 

Location photography for property owners, realtors & MLS, vacation rentals, magazines and publication.



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Humboldt, California
(and beyond!)

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