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Pricing for your project, event, wedding or commercial images all follow this model: 

Time + Distance + Materials + License = Price


Time - How long will it take to capture your project or event?  This might be a week, a month or a couple hours.


Distance - Where will we be creating the images or video? Anything over 30 miles from Arcata, CA (or requiring an overnight stay) will be assessed a travel rate.  This may include a budget for gas, hotel, food, all depending on the specifics of your needs.


Materials - What will it take to capture what you're looking for? Will there be two photographers needed for your wedding? Will an assistant be needed on site to create your Architectural Images? Will there be special equipment needed like drones, dollies, or steadycam? 


License -  A license defines the nature of the image use, duration and exclusivity of the images. 


Price - Once all these factors are considered, a price estimate is generated and emailed over for client review.  This establishes the terms of the agreement so that all parties have a clear understanding prior to any payment or final agreement. Once everything has been agreed upon, a contract will be drawn up for signature. A deposit may be required at time of signing depending on the project and client.  


If this feels complicated, or unclear, please email over any questions or concerns you may have. The structure is designed so that you only pay for exactly what you need. We respect that everyone is different and will work to accommodate any special needs or requests.


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