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Jade Bi Series - 2022

Early in 2022, I was contacted by a friend who inquired if I would be interested in carving a set of nephrite jade bi discs. Having recently completed a commission for a 8" jade bi disc, I was curious to continue exploring this classic form. 

As we discussed different options, we settled on a series of nine, carved from Northern California jade, three inches in diameter. There would be four pairs (each pair cut from the same stone), and one single. 

Over the course of the next 6 months, I cut and explored quite a few pieces of jade, listening with an open intention that the right stones reveal themselves. There were a number of times I thought I'd found a stone to create a pair, only to have it not align. 

In the end, the 5 stones that contributed to the set each represent a different quality and character of our local material, together expressing the range and variety to be found in Northern California rivers and mountains. 

Once the bi discs were completed, I began the creation of a box to hold the set, carved from local California walnut. I decided to go with a vertical design that would allow the discs to be held without touching each other. It also allowed the set to be in a small box than had they been layed flat together, which felt in keeping with the material. Jade is a heavy and dense material, and when you hold the box with the bi inside, there is a weight and presence that is most satisfying.

Thanks! Message sent.

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