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Vulcan Jade Hand-polished Plate

Vulcan Jade Hand-polished Plate

Vulcan Jade Polished Specimen

A dramatic hand-polished vulcan jade plate, featuring orange highlights with green and yellow, and a mix of wild inclusions including sections of inner-felted serpentine and feldspar.
Measuring 9.25" long, 8" wide and 1.75" thick. 3254g


I was walking along the edge of one of my favorite low water bars... the kind you need to seek out in years where the water doesn't rise enough to overflow the bar. Tucked down along some bent grass and mud, the shape of this plate caught my eye, and as soon as I picked it up I knew I'd found an epic piece. 


Putting my light on this stone and seeing the brilliant internal green color, I was clamping this stone into the saw to be cut when I changed my mind. The beauty of these stones is in their unique patterning and shape, and while I would enjoy carving with it, I had a sense it would be much more satisfying if I polished it up. I'm very glad I did. 

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