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Grossular Garnet Adze Pendant

Grossular Garnet Adze Pendant

Grossular Garnet Adze Pendant

Outstanding translucency and vibrant internal cloud pattern and scattered dendrites.

Klamath Mountains, CA

3.5" Long x 1.1" wide

Adjustable length hand-plaited cordage.


In addition to nephrite jade, the rivers of California offer up a two other gem quality stones to discover, idocrase and grossular garnet. Both stones have a slightly higher specific gravity than nephrite, and each takes an incredible polish.
One challenge working with these stones is that they are often fractured, and it takes a very special stone to offer up a large enough piece to make a carving. That said, when you do, you end up with a piece that is not only very rare, but very beautiful.
This grossular garnet adze pendant is featured on the stone from which it was carved. The pendant has outstanding translucency, and has a pale gold color with light internal clouds and scattered dendrites. Measuring 3.5" long and 1.1" wide, this pendant is finished with hand plaited adjustable length cordage. 

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